Pipe Thawing

Frozen Pipes in the greater New Hampshire area

We use state of the art techniques that are tried and tested thoroughly over the years for thawing pipes, without causing damage. We even use the Hotshot for clearing up these pipes. 

HotShot for Thawing Pipes

Luckily, there are safer alternatives out there. There is a pipe thawing machine known as HotShot that thaws pipes and gets them running again in no time. Operating it is not simple and if you have a frozen pipe you need to call us. Your pipe will unfreeze in a few minutes without any hassle. It will save you tons of money and time. More importantly, you won’t need to break walls or tear floors for unfreezing your pipes.

Both Hotshot units are kept inside heavy steel boxes to ensure that they don’t get damaged. This product also has circuit breakers and thermal overload protection to ensure maximum safety. Users get better thawing power with the Hotshot 400. It is capable of cleaning larger and longer lines due to its thawing power of 400 amps. The most surprising thing about this product is that it is strong enough to clear 175 ft long diameter lines despite only weighing 31 pounds.

Although you could repair or thaw pipes by yourself. But, why take the risk? Danger could turn from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Acquire the services of the experienced experts who have honed their craft for more than two decades. If you happen to live in the greater New Hampshire area, choose Brady plumbing and heating services to unfreeze pipes.

Thousands of people have acquired Brady’s services to clear, thaw, unclog, unfreeze their pipes, or repair their plumbing equipment, and Brady always proved to be up to the task. (603) 738-9207

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